Renting procedure

(1)Reservation (by before 4 days)

Please make reservation "the request date" "the number of people" and "rental plan (+ option)"
before coming to our store through web site or by a phone call.
We'll reply a reservation confirmation through E-mail. Please check the contents.
※ We recommend an early reservation because there is possibility that we can't meet your request by the crowded condition.

Reservation First TEL:075-525-5025 Store Hours 9:00am〜8:00pm Reservation from here

(2) Visiting our store and registration

Please visit on the reserved date and time. It's near by the Exit No. 3, 4, 5 of Sanjo Station, Keihan line.
If you can't find our store please feel free to call us up.
Please confirm the content of the reservation and complete the registration.

Access to our store

(3) Selection of the Kimono

Please choose your favorite design from prepared Kimonos. It has various choice from traditional to modern design.
Please feel free to ask assistance of staffs if it is hard to decide the design and a color.

(4) Selection of the accessories

Once you decide the favorite Kimono, please choose the accessories such as a hair decoration, a bag and Zori(sandals) what match with your Kimono.
We prepare various kinds of accessories for various colors and atmospheres of Kimono.
Please feel free to ask assistance of staffs if it is hard to decide the coordination.

(5) Fitting (About 30 minutes)

Professional dresser will provide comfortable fitting for each person along with each person's body shape.
We will provide even under wear and Tabi (socks).

(6) Hair setting (option) reservation required

After fitting of Kimono, we will bring the customer who reserved a hair setting to the hair salon nearby our store.
You can set your hair at the salon.

(7) Payment and departure

When you settle everything you will pay the total amount of renting fee and you can depart.
Cash and Credit cards are available for payment.

You can use credit cards for payment in addition to the cash.
We will keep your baggage except the valuables. Please enjoy wearing Kimono lightly.
There are many sightseeing spots around our store. Please enjoy Kyoto in Kimono fully.

Sightseeing Map

(8) Coming back and return (by 8:00pm on the day)

After enjoying going around, please come back to our store.
When you come back to our store please change your cloths and return.
If you want to enjoy dinner and night scene of Kyoto in Kimono,
we prepare an option to extend the returning term until 5:00pm on the next day.
Please mention at the reservation or when you visit us.

  • Reservation First
  • TEL:075-525-5025 Store Hours 9:00am~8:00pm
  • 24 hour reseption
Reservation through Web site from here