We introduce our FAQ. If you have another questions, please feel free to contact us.

About reservation and visiting us

QHow will I make reservation? Do I need reservation?
AWe request to make reservation by website or phone call.Web reservation is convenient!! Please try it.
Even on the day you can process renting a Kimono, but there is a possibility that we can't meet your offer or make you wait up to the condition.
We recommend to make an early reservation as much as you can.
Web Reservation From Here (to Reservation Site)
Telephone Reservations 075-525-5025
QWhere will be the nearest station?
AGion-shijyo station of Keihan line is the nearest station. It will take 2 minutes on foot from station to our store.
Access to our store
QQ: Is there a parking lot? I want to go by a car.
AWe don't have a parking lot. But there is a coin-operated parking lot. Please use it.
Map of coin-operated parking
QCan we make a reservation by many people?
AIt's OK. But please call and inform us beforehand.
If it's more than 5 people, please be sure to make a contact beforehand for arrangement of dressers and an adjustment in time.
QCan I change the date, time and contents of the reservation?
AIt is possible if you make phone call to us by 2 days before on the reservation date.
But there is possibility that we can't meet your request up to the contents of request. We appreciate for your understanding.
QUntil when should I make a contact for cancellation?
AWe accept the cancellation for free until 2days before the reservation date.
We will charge 50% on a day before the reservation date and 100% on that day.

About fitting of Kimono

QHow long will it take?
AIt takes about 30 minutes from choosing a Kimono and fitting. If you request hair setting it takes about 1 hour all in all.
QIs there a Kimono for tall or short person?
AWe prepare various sizes of kimono from short to tall. Please let us know ahead if you require extra large size.
QIs the dresser a woman or a man?
AProfessional female dresser will do fitting.
QCan you do fitting for pregnancy woman?
AWe are so sorry but we can't provide fitting for pregnancy woman.

About renting hour

QUntil what time can we use the renting Kimono?
AThe dead line of returning the kimono is 8:00pm on that day.
QWhat will happen if I will over the dead line?
AWe will charge ¥1,000 as an arrears.

About Hair setting option

QI am short hair. Is it possible to order a hair setting?
AIf your hair has certain length it is possible to do hair setting. If you feel uneasy, please contact us before making reservation.
QI have my own hair accessory. Can I bring it?
AYes, it is possible. You can use both of yours and ours.
QIf it is very cold on that day, can I order the fur and the Haori (short coat) on that day?
AIf there is a stock on that day, it is possible. (Optional charge)
QIs it possible to chose the hair accessories regular one or branded one on that day?
AIf there is a stock on that day, it is possible. (Optional charge)
QHow long will it take to do a hair setting?
AUsually, it takes about 30 minutes.

About payment

QWhen should I pay?
APlease finish payment before you depart from our store.
QCan I use a credit card for payment?
A Yes, you can use all sorts of credit cards. credit cards

The Others

QCan I borrow an umbrella (For rain or sunshade)
AWe can provide a Japanese umbrella. (Optional charge ¥1,000)
QWhat should I do if I make a mess on a Kimono?
AIf it is a general mess, please return the Kimono as it is.
If you make a hole with fire or big damage we will charge another amount.
  • Reservation First
  • TEL:075-525-5025 Store Hours 9:00am~8:00pm
  • 24 hour reseption
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