Renting Kimono user policy

1. About the registration for renting
Please make a reservation on our web site.
You can make a reservation on the day by phone or by visiting our shop directly.
However, customers who have already booked have priority.
2. About the confirmation of the reservation
You will receive an auto reply mail about the content of your reservation.
If you don’t receive the auto reply mail, please check your spam folder.
3. About the renting fee
The basic renting fee is for one day until 8:00PM.
If you wish to return the kimono the next day, you need to select the option for next day return which will be an additional per person ¥1,000.
4. About payment
Please finish payment before depart from our store after completed all reserved menu like as the fitting and a hair setting.
You can pay with cash or a credit card (Visa, Master card, JCB, American Express, and Diners).
5. About Cancellation
We would appreciate if you contact us as soon as possible if you need to cancel your reservation.
Cancellations must be made before the day of rental. Cancellations made on the day will be charged 100% of the fee.
6. About extension charge
If you apply the returning on the next day option (+¥1,000) you can extend the dead line until 5:00pm on the next day.
If you over the dead line without notice, we will charge ¥1,000 as an arrears.
7. About a stain and loss during the renting
When having made a mess on rented goods, please never do washing and a repair by yourself. Just inform us immediately, and please let us know what kind of dirt it is. After you return it, we'll launder it.
If you make a severe mess and damage, there is possibility that we will charge the laundry fee and repair fee. we appreciate for your understanding.
If you will lose goods, we will require the price of the merchandise charge.

Privacy policy

1. About management of personal information.
We recognize the importance of the personal information and obey decrees about personal information as well as make an effort toward the management and protection, so that a customer can use it surely.
2. About the collection of personal information.
When receiving a reservation, sometimes we ask customer's personal information as needed. When it's collected, we declare the use purpose clearly, and we will collect in the personal information in a necessary part only by legitimacy and fair procedure.
3. About elucidation of personal information.
We manage the personal information of the customers appropriately and don't elucidate and offer to a third party without customer's approval.
But there is a possibility to elucidate and offer the information when it was asked by a decree, or it was asked from the official facilities by which courthouses or the police.
4. About use of personal information.
We will use the personal information of our customers by following purposes.
1. Confirmation of a reservation
2. Confirmation of the reservation when the customers visit to our store
5. About correction and elimination of personal information.
When the customer ask of correction and elimination about their personal information, After confirming that the request is made by the customer him/herself, we will make necessary correspondence in the rational part.
6. Change in the privacy policy
When we change in the acquired personal information, the use purpose or the other privacy policy, we will just announce it by changing our web site page.
A privacy policy after change takes effect from the time which indicated a date of revision on the web site.
It's established on February 16, 2016.